QA systems

ZM "WSK Rzeszów" Sp. z o.o. operates consistent quality policy based on ISO standards, so it can create products with the highest precision and quality. ZM WSK has a certified system according to standards ISO 9001 regulating supervision of documentation, the involvement of the staff quality management system and product development and the systematic measurement of customer satisfaction, products and processes. Standard ISO 9001 includes in its scope: design and production of castings, casting and machining tooling production and castings’ mechanical machining processes.


Following the automotive customers’ requirements in scope of aluminum products ZM WSK is certified also with  IATF 16949 standard. This allows to adjust company’s processes to the global automotive market high requirements.


"Customer satisfaction is a pillar of sustainable development and  success of our company".


The vision we are consistently fulfilling through:

  • the continuous improvement of quality management Systems based on ISO 9001 and  IATF 16949
  • close cooperation with customers and suppliers,
  • raising staff awareness in the sphere of quality, HEALTH and SAFETY at WORK and environment protection,
  • interdisciplinary approach to important issues
  • work with modern IT systems.


Implementation of the quality policy of ZM WSK is based on all employees awareness of responsibility for the quality of the tasks. The Mission of all the employees of ZM WSK is the full commitment in the implementation of the adopted Quality Policy.