Measurements Analisis

With regard to high quality of ZM WSK products from the beginning of the process which is  tooling production up to  machined castings, for measurements we use different types of hand held measurement tools  as well as measuring devices:


  • Tactile machine KOMEG KMS 20/10/10 supported by Calypso  software allowing the measurement with comparison to the CAD models  with the accuracy rating up to 0,03 mm,
  • Optical scanner ATOS Compact Scan 2M – scanner enable a very accurate measurement  analysis  with comparison to the CAD models not only by points but  also entire surface or section. For measurement analysis we apply GOM Inspect software. Machine accuracy 0,03 mm
  • Coordinate CMM Mitutoyo Crysta Apex series C for accurate measuring analysis of machined components of various design forms with wide measurement ranges.


To support the machinery of measurement we employ experienced and trained staff.

Measuring equipment used by us is periodically calibrated.