Iron Foundry

ZM WSK Iron Foundry has 40 years of history and experience. Today our foundry produces 19, 000T/year of castings, and its potential capacity is 24, 000T.

Melting station

Melting station is equipped with induction crucible furnace  with a crucible capacity of 8 000 Kg.


We produce  gray cast iron and nodular cast iron on two devices "Progelta" up  to 2 000 Kg and with TUNDISH method up  to 3000 Kg

Production lines:

  • SAVELLI automated moulding line. Flask size 1400 x 965 x 400/400 mm. This line is mainly used for engine heads, transmission cases, pump housings and similar castings weighting from 50 kg to 350 kg. 
  • Specialized core mold line used for cylinder liners for locomotive power units.
  • Hand molding area for complex cored, furan sand molded castings. These are mainly turbocharger castings, generators and castings up to 2000 kg and max dimensions 3000x2000x1000 mm. This area is equipped with molding sand recycling station.
  • Core making to 60 liters capacity for hot-box and cold-box cores from 0,3 to 150 kg weight, with max dimensions 1000x800x400 mm.

Fettling station and postcasting

Fettling station is equipped with devices for sand remains removal and shot-blasting machines (STEM, OWT400 and  table shot-blasting machine) giving the possibilities of precise cleaning of inner casting spaces.


We perform heat treatment of cast from relief annealing to ferritize annealing  at 950 ⁰ C in accordance with the Customer requirements.


Castings are protected against corrosion by priming,  epoxy  coatings and preserve coatings.

Additional capabilities:

  • Pattern making capability
  • Magmasoft simulation for Iron
  • Mechanical properties and metallographic tests
  • Painting
  • Machining.