Aluminum Castings

Aluminium Foundry was the first metallurgical department at WSK and became a strong fundations of ZM WSK Rzeszów. History of the Aluminium Foundry has more than 70 years history of experience of successive generations of workers and technical staff. Large practical experience supported by the implementation of modern technologies in both design and manufacturing processes allow for intensive development and entry with our products to markets across Europe and the USA. Particularly intensive development occurred after the year 2002 with an investment in modern equipment of the foundry.


Aluminium Foundry produces castings in three technologies:

  • Sand casting,
  • Gravity die castings,
  • Low pressure casting.


Currently we supply with aluminum products more than 50 customers. Casting processes applied in aluminum foundry, sizes and weights: 

Proces Max Dimensions [mm] Weight range [kg] Applications
Gravity die castings 800x500x350 mm 0,5 – 20 Medium and high volume production
Low pressure casting 800x600x400 1-35 High volume production
Sand casting 1400x1800x600 30 - 400 Medium and low volume production

Our castings are applied in the following industries:

Our casting applications:

  • Automotive industry
  • Machine-building industry
  • Electro-mechanical industry
  • Power transmission and distribution (SF6 castings)
  • Pressure Vessels


Pressure Vessels Our Foundry uses following alloys:

  • AlSi12
  • AlSi7Mg
  • AlSi9Mg
  • AlSi10Mg
  • AlSi5CuMg
  • AlCuNiMg ("Y")
  • AZ91 magnesium alloy.


Additional capabilities:

  • Heat treatment in-house
  • Die making capability
  • Magmasoft simulation for Aluminium
  • X-Ray and FPI
  • Mechanical properties and metallographic tests
  • All types of cores: shell cores, “hot-box” and “cold-box”
  • Machining.