Aluminium Foundry


Each of the three main technological line is equipped with a separate melting station. This allows for parallel production in different technologies and different types of alloys according to international standards or according to individual requirements of our customers. Input material we buy only from approved suppliers. For entire technological process of preparation we are using specialized devices for refining and modification of liquid alloy. The alloy quality before pouring is being checked with IDECO device allowing to determine the level of gassing, structure refining of alloy and modification. With the support of experienced and qualified staff and modern measuring and control devices we are able to assure the good quality at the stage of aluminum alloy preparation. 


Gravity Die Castings Line

This line is equipped with:

  • several hydraulic die machines of different sizes and quantities of the parting planes.
  • Tilting machines for production of thin walled castings.

Standings are equipped with resistance furnaces to pour the liquid metal. Such diversity of equipment gives the possibility to produce castings of various sizes and complicated shapes.


Core Shop

The Core Shop produces cores for both die casting lines. Due to  diversity of technologies The Core Shop has been equipped with machines for production:

  • cores in shalco system,
  • Cold-box cores,
  • Hot-box cores,
  • cores of foaming plaster. 


Low Pressure Casting line

This line is equipped with seven specialized machines being used mainly for the high-volume production for the automotive branch and for the production of complex castings with sand and metal cores. 


Sand Casting Line (furan method)

ZM WSK is equipped with:

  • semi-automatic forming line  covering the entire process starting from the preparation of molding sand up to the shaking out castings;
  • automated station for molding sand regeneration which is an integral part of the line.

The line is designed for medium and large castings. We specialize in the production of a variety of enclosures, covers and corpus. The main customers are the companies of energy industry.

There is also a special station for production of Mg alloys castings fulfilling  aviation products requirements. 


Postcasting and Heat treatment

Essential stages in this process are the removal of gating systems, fettling and heat treatment.  For long-series production postcasting processes are organized within the technological line. This allows to reduce production costs and partly automate the process. For the rest of production due to the highly diversified assortment of our products operations of gating systems removal and fettling are being made on robot or specialized production work centers. We use here the typical machinery and equipment for processing of metals. In turn, giving the casting the final look is done  manually. These operations  require a large practical experience. Fettling cell has been modernized in recent years both for the improvement of working conditions and equipment.

To achieve relevant strength properties of the casting we perform heat treatment. This process is treated as the special process and is subject to constant control of parameters. The process is fully to automate, furnaces for heat treatment are fitted with electronic control cabinets allowing in continuous way to supervise the process, and process parameters are saved and stored in an electronic database.


Quality inspection

The commercial look of products is important for the quality inspectors however the basic requirements are functional properties.

We check them according to the customer requirements at various stages of production. We provide an assessment of the internal structure of casting on XRay apparatus (on plates or on the monitor image), leak tests and assessing the presence of cracks through luminescence or fluorescence. Aluminum Foundry has  authorized personnel and required equipment to perform good quality inspection.

We have dimensional inspection cell. There is also a cell for a strength properties  control of our castings.