ZM WSK has fully equipped laboratory for metallurgical testing and evaluation of the chemical composition, material structure and mechanical properties of iron, steel and Al, Ni, Mg alloys, These studies can be divided into two groups:

  • approving tests for materials purchased and of finished products, which aim is to assess the quality of materials entering into production, the assessment of conformity with the standards requirements of the clients and evaluation of the processes of manufacture;
  • untypical analysis:
    • studies related to the startup of new products, including tests assessing the "first lot"; 
    • expertise in the field of problems reported by foundries
    • laboratory services for external customers.  


Metallurgical laboratory staff have appropriate education and competences for the interpretation of test results. 

The structure of the test materials is estimated at microscopes: optical OLYMPUS PMG 3 and stereoscopic NIKON SMZ 1500 equipped with a digital system for archiving images. To prepare a metallographic sections we use set of specialized equipment as semi-automatic grinder and BUEHLER press for mounting.


Our workshop testing mechanical properties performs:

  • tests of high tensile at room temperature using equipment of ZWICK with full system of extensional measurement of deformation,
  • tests of  the impact strength at room temperature and reduced (to-50 ° c),
  • hardness checking with Brinell and Rockwell methods.


Chemical analysis are performed on emission spectrometers with the excitation of the spark BAIRD Model DV4 and JOBIN YVON 132F and spectrometer with glow discharge GDS500A  by LECO and Analyzer of carbon C-and S-sulphur.

The laboratory has also a workshop performing tests on forming materials and binders used in foundries.