Company History

1937 Engine Factory in Rzeszow was established by the Government of the Republic of Poland.
1938 Production of aircraft engines commenced.
1951 After World War II the aero engine factory was nationalised and fully modernised. In 1960s and 1970s the company experienced rapid g/rowth producing a wide range of modern engines.
1952 Aluminium Foundry and Forging Shop production was launched.
1972 The production of aluminium castings on low-pressure cell was started.
1973 The Iron Foundry began operations, focused on castings for Polish Leyland engine.
1991 New production was launched. Parts for tractors and automotive industry.
1994 Engine Factory was transformed into a joint stock company wholly owned by the State Treasury. The company’s name was changed to WSK “PZL – Rzeszow” S.A. (“WSK”).
1996 Production of aluminium sand castings for Power Transmission & Distribution commenced.
1997 First castings for locomotive engines, for export to USA, were produced.
2002 On 11th March, 2002, the Polish State Treasury sold WSK to United Technologies Corporation (UTC).
From 1st June, 2002 Zakład Metalurgiczny operated as an independent business unit within WSK .
2004 On 24th November, 2004 Zakład Metalurgiczny was established as an independent company.
2007 On 16th March ZM was purchased from WSK by Mr. Hugh Aiken