The goal of ZM WSK is to provide high quality products and services , while the active action in favour of the protection of natural resources. In this context, the standards for the protection of the environment are treated on a par with the standards of production and quality. All production processes are carried out in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. We have an Integrated Permission for Iron Foundry and sectoral required licences for other installations.

 In order to minimize the negative impact on the environment, the company carries out programmes for rational consumption of electricity, water and gas. The Company also monitors the process of waste management, consumption of raw materials, the quality of groundwater, the level of noise emissions, the gases and dust into the air.   Applied and implemented systematically new production technologies are compatible with the requirements of the best available techniques (BAT) for foundries’ branch. The effectiveness of the Company’s  Environmental Management System has been confirmed by ISO 14001 certification.