Reporting violations

What is the subject of the report?:* sexual abuse
discrimination or unequal treatment
employee mobbing
corruption / embezzlement
violation of the code of ethics and humanitarian values
gross breach of security rules
complaints regarding the quality of assistance received or provided by ZM WSK
mismanagement, including violations of tender and purchasing rules
money laundering and support for terrorism
What is your role in this matter? (describe the relationship with ZM WSK):*
Contact (give name, surname and convenient method of contact, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.):*
Where did the incident take place? (if possible, state specifically, city, place, address):*
When did the incident take place? (if possible, provide exact date or time period):*
How did this come about? (describe the event with all possible details):*
What resources, tools, means, methods have been used to carry out the procedure you consider illegal?:*
How did the information about the described situation reach you?:*
Is this your first contact with ZM WSK on a given matter? (if not, who has already been informed):*
Would you like to stay in touch and receive information about the progress of the case and its results?:*
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